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I am inspired by nature and the intelligence that's within us all.  As a fashion designer, I'm inspired by a blend of modern trends and timeless elegance.

    The collection is called GOD MADE - .Dark matter, the invisible material that makes up the vast majority of the universe's mass, may collect itself to form atoms, a new simulation shows.  Collection was made in Paris. 
    I was invited and thought, it would be nice  and give my full attention to represent Indiana during this season of the all star. We are located at 600 East Carmel Drive.  Suite 245.  Carmel, Indiana 4626.  We have showrooms in New York, Paris and Miami.

Indianapolis, Indiana. Showroom coming soon. 

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My design aesthetic revolves around Old Hollywood glamour and the 80s party era. I’m inspired by women. I love that a woman has the ability to command all the attention in room simply by some thing that she’s wearing. I’m dressing that type of woman.

My collection is inspired by gemstones and Marilyn Monroe’s film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes“. I wanted to see my take on diamonds and pearls and leather, and what that would look like for brand. 

I want to take my career to the next level and dress the gorgeous women taking on red carpets and benefit dinners.

Indianapolis, Indiana. Showroom coming soon. 

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I am a fearless designer with no limits, my goal is to make everyone feel amazing when they wear my designs. I push for clients and customers to step out of their comfort zone to be the main attraction in the room in a bold, sexy yet classy way.

In this collection I wanted to give off a royal vibe. I wanted my collection to make the everyone feel like Kings and Queens. That everyone is equally the main attraction. 

I believe that when creatives come together magic happens. Sip and Marvel and I share a lot of the same missions and goals. 

I’m from the south side of Chicago. 

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I am a designer who curates and amplifies movements centered around history and current events to educate and inspire change. One of the vessels of these movements is cotton and designing clothes that are fashionable and peak curiosity is where I have found my success.

The collection is called Buried Treasures and it is about highlighting the black towns across American that have been erased from current history yet still exist under lakes, highways, and parks all over this country. "Erasure is an aspect of genocide that removes the memory, historical and visible footprint of a people from the landscape and from public discourse. " Our history continues to be under attack, and it is critical to continue to keep this information alive. Time and time again, this country has tried (and in some cases succeeded) to stop black progress and  Six Point Four is calling attention to these moments. 

I am participating in Sip & Marvel because a part of our progress in society is contingent upon having our own spaces to be able to amplify our work. Sip & Marvel has been instrumental for me as they provide that space for designers of color. Also, as fashion and society evolve, there are more eyes on the work outside of high-fashion runways that have a way to impact and influence society and a lot of that is driven by athletes and so the joining of these two worlds is progress and ahead of its time. 

I am located in Brooklyn New York. 

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Before anything I am man! Raised drench  by the streets of Chicago. Abled to be molded with class. The way I was raised and the exposure I received brought me a different perspective on life and fashion! I’m a problem solver and a void filler!  I stand on confidence and being true to your self! Instilling that love and energy in the garments from my confidence, energy that I receive from just being me! I want every individual to feel that love I’m blessed to receive.. Some things you just have to be born with but my Goal is to change that experience! TO “change lifestyles .. LIVES AND STYLES “. No need to be a celebrity or super influencer GREVYI GIVES YOU THAT AURA ”
My collection is the story of street class
Chicago born and raised!!